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"Cry Quietly" - A Poem

people don't like me because I never learned to cry quietly
when I cry, I sob
I sniffle
I scream in pain
sometimes I even whisper to myself
when I cry I wear my grief like a badge over my heart
everyone knows when I am sad
because I have never shied away from making it known
I don't hold back my tears when I'm on the bus
not even when the old man across the aisle is staring at me
with a concerned expression
because his expression tells me he is more concerned about
his peace being disturbed than he is about my wellbeing
I don't hold back my tears when I'm with friends
and supposed to be having a good time
I don't care that you're not supposed to cry over ice cream
I don't hold back my tears at the movie theater
and I don't care that I'm getting the popcorn wet
people don't like me because I refuse to act happy when I am not
my boss hates this about me
my friends are burdened by this
my church pretends to love my authenticity but sometimes I …

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